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Shamanic Healing

I offer a variety of services that are heart-based and designed to help you along your path of healing, understanding and spiritual growth.


Cacao Ceremonies

Open your heart, connect with others, and experience the transcendent within yourself. The magic of Cacao is like no other, and a must to experience.


Women's Circles

Join our women’s circle, and experience the empowerment of the divine feminine supporting each other.


1-on-1 Shamanic Healing

Feeling blocked and lost? With my Shamanic Healing service I will help to clear your energetic, mental and spiritual bodies so you can lead a fulfilled life.


Psychic Card Readings

Do you need guidance? Using a special deck of cards, I tap into your soul contracts and energy to find the messages that you need from Source.


Breath Work

Breathwork has profound benefits, and can be an extremely transformational experience. Book a session now to find the emotional and mental release that you need.

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Healing Services

You deserve to find your healing and inner peace so that you can live the life you’re meant to live.

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao has been used for centuries as a spiritual tool to open the heart, to find deeper connection with each other and Spirit, and for deep emotional healing. As a master plant medicine, you’ll discover many beautiful things about yourself and the Universe. Book now to connect with yourself and the others.

£55 For 2 Hours

Women's Circles

Join our Women’s Circle and connect with a community of like-minded sisters where we share, learn, teach, love and traverse the magical workings of the divine feminine within each of us.

£70 Per Person For 4 Hours

1-on-1 Shamanic Healing

Feeling stuck, blocked or lost? As a Qualified Shamanic Healer, I will help you to gain a deeper understanding, remove energetic blockages, and clear obstacles in your path. You deserve to lead a life of understanding and experience the healing that you have always wanted.

£77 Per Hour and a half


Breathwork is an extraordinarily powerful tool for inner transformation and emotional healing. Experience the power of this magical practice yourself by booking a session today, and experience the complete lightness of your true essence after your emotional transformation.

£30 Per Session

Psychic Card Readings

Do you need guidance, or are you stuck and need answers? By using a special deck of cards, and my psychic abilities, I will tap into Source for you and find the answers that you require to move forward with confidence, and peace. Book today to avoid missing out!

£35 Per Hour

Group WorkShops

I offer a variety of Group Workshops that aim to assist you with various different things. Click the book now button to see when the next workshop is and the theme of the workshop.

£60 For 4 Hours
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