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Hi, I'm Lisa!

I have been on my own journey of healing and self-discovery intensely for the past 11 years. In my early 20’s after my first awakening I had the calling to help others connect with their Divine spirit and inner power and help teach them the tools to transform into being the best versions of themselves. 

At this stage I was interested in children and teenagers mostly as I realised if trauma is dealt with and released and transformed at this young age it gives one a better chance at life. I wanted to study child psychology, but my life circumstances did not have the space for it. It has taken me 20 years of my own life experience and lessons to finally get to this point where I feel ready to offer my teachings and healings to others. 

One day during ceremony it dawned upon me that I wanted to be a Shamanic Healer and a year later everything was perfectly orchestrated for me to be enrolled in a Shamanic Practitioners course in England. I am English and Greek heritage born and raised in South Africa. I have been living in Kent England for the past 4 years. I have a deep connection with the Africans and their ancient tribal ways. I believe we need to be part of a “tribe” (like-minded community). 

I have studied astrology, soul rescuers, psychic readings and healing modalities and completed my Shamanic Practitioners course. I have attended many ceremonies and evolved through my own life experiences where I feel in a place to teach others. I am now passionate about empowering women especially and so excited to run women’s circles. 

I am also passionate about one-on-one healings and forming an intuitive bond with my clients to guide them into the next step of their own evolution. I believe everyone is their own innate healer, powerful and sovereign and I am only here to show them how to tap into this part of themselves.


Lisa Shamanic Certificate


Transform yourself and transcend your current life. Reach into mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.


Find connection with others, and find connection within yourself. Connect with your Higher Self and flourish.

Inner Peace

Relax into your peace, find the stillness within yourself, and discover a stress-free state of being.

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When I think of Lisa herself as an individual as well as the beautiful sessions she offers, my heart feels warm, I feel supported, safe and so truely uplifted! It was such a blessing to be able to completely surrender and be guided by Lisa in such a gentle and loving space. Her authenticity and genuine deep care that she has for others is one of her many true gifts that she brings to the world. I will forever hold close to my heart the profound images, feelings and messages that came up for me during our sessions, an experience that no words can do justice. Thank you dear Lisa, for being that light, you will forever shine bright in my eyes and in my heart.
South Africa